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PixWords is a game which rapidly attained popularity. A game that offers how to educate your mind and memory.

The essence of the PixWord game is to quess what the word is encrypted in the picture. PixWords game level consists of four mini crosswords, of which there are more than 350. Solving PixWords crosswords sometimes is a really difficult challenge but in game you can purchase helps for coins. PixWords game can be downloaded to mobile devices which supports Android or iOS operating systems. Try this funny and interesting game and join the PixWords fans ranks.




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Probably remember more each crossword puzzles from your childhood or from these technological times. When dad would bring back Saturday morning Lithuanian Morning magazine and turned the last page we found over the entire sheet printed crossword. But unfortunately these days it has become a real thing of the past, and only few of us decided to. It is time to change this situation, because now all we use smartphones, a tablet and other electronics devices. Therefore, we present a very visitors to very popular game PixWords ™. How many have seen this game play for both children and adults. PixWords ™ gives gamers the opportunity to not only solve the crossword, but also supplement your vocabulary with new words. PixWords game PixWords ™ - This is a brand new, extremely exciting word puzzle that is played around the world. It is even translated into 19 world languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, and several others, including the Lithuanian. The choice is really wide and can hardly find a similar game with so much choice. The biggest advantage is that you can play the game in multiple languages ​​simultaneously. If you are tired or just get stuck on a word on Lithuanian language, you can switch to another language, so you can play another crossword. The principle of the game is very simple. Each level given four words you need to guess. Selecting guess the word is accompanied by an image. That picture is encrypted response of you and need. If you want to see the picture closely, you just have to click on it and enlarge the monster. Below you will be given the letters, which will need to put the right word. It should be noted, also, that the picture may not reflect only the object or event or name, but also in action, color, detail, etc.. When you get all four answers, move on to the next level. Also atspėdami word you get one point, you can collect a purchased later to help. You can convert the first letter of the word, removing unnecessary letter from the list, or to convert any letter in a word. In summary we can say that PixWords ™ really wonderful your game in smart devices, which supports a lot of languages. This game surprised its second stage, that is created above the 350 level, which is about 1,400 pictures, which you will have to guess. Therefore imam your smartphone in hand, sent to the game and go play.